VR Design made elegant.

VR Design made elegant.

Introducing the Pen

The most intuitive and precise input device for design and engineering professionals available today. This is the future of productivity, creativity and problem solving in 2D, 3D and VR.


It should have always been this way. As easy as a pencil, paintbrush or sculpting knife. The Massless Pen enables a level of design and expression unlike any other controller.


Work in 2D or 3D, on the desk or in the air, inside or outside of VR. With Oculus or Vive. With Massless Studio or your favorite design VR application. In Windows or Linux. The Pen can beused seamlessly across your work flow in many awesome ways.


We work better together. Invite others to join you in Massless Studio. Work in real-time with audio conferencing to create, annotate and share your designs.

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We are looking for Designers, Engineers, Producers, Directors, Storytellers and Problem Solvers pushing the boundaries within





Product design


Explore more complex ideas
easier, faster.

We’re releasing a limited number of the most innovative design device to the world’s leading creative thinkers. We are offering these first few an incredible deal to get access to the Pen and Studio.

Join the Massless experience.

Early access price

Massless Pen


*$50 application
deposit required

Massless Studio

1 year license included.

Regular price

Massless Pen



Massless Studio


Accepted applications are guaranteed to receive the first release of Massless Pen and Massless Studio during Q4 2019

If we are unable to accommodate you in this round you will be added to our priority wait list and your deposit will be returned with a 10% discount for the next release in Q2 2020.

We welcome all applications.

For terms and conditions please click here

Applications require a deposit of $50 for the Massless Pen. Applications will be processed throughout August 2019. Your deposit will be held in escrow until the application is processed. If you application is accepted, the remaining balance of $450 will be required. Pens will be shipped in Q4 2019. You can cancel your application at anytime up until acceptance and receive a full deposit refund by sending an email to Massless will execute your refund within 3 business days. Depending on your bank, you may not be able to access the refunded amount for up to 7 days.

Ah man! That's awesome! I like the design of that UI. Its pretty obvious that this input in education could be applied. Its super impressive.

Head of media centerTop 2 Australian vocational education provider

The Massless Pen’s form factor is really nice...I like the interactions this is quite nice. Its so awesome!

Design teamTop 2 UK Architecture Firm

The Massless Pen is really magical...the haptics feel good...I'd like to stay a little longer with this.

Top 2 Social MediaCollaboration Platform

You cannot compare this with their pen Logitech, this is a pen Massless you could work with.

Design teamTop 3 German auto maker

I like these nice little details. It feels like working with a Pen. Great weight, balance. You spent time for the details, I like that.

Design teamTop 3 German auto maker

You're in a perfect position to integrate with design/engineering/review workflow, because you know - they need one of these! Massless could fit in very nicely with making more precision.

EvangelistTop 5 Visual Effects studio

The Massless Pen has got a great weight to it. The other VR input devices are not for my intimate thinking about solving problems like this.

Design teamTop 4 Global tool maker


Length: 17.4 mm
Diameter: 13.4 mm
Weight: 25 grams


Linear capacitive slider
Proximity sensor


600mAh lithium-ion battery
12 hour battery life
USB-C charging


Tracker communicates to PC
via USB-C cable.
Bluetooth (BLE) 5.0: between
tracker and Pen


VR Ready PC

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